About DrinKing

Drinking Panama - Mobile Bars

Drinking, founded with the vision to market fun in Panama. Given that there was a need in the market and there was an option for all hosts enjoy your own party, whether big or small you were offered the opportunity to hold your event in the most convenient way possible, born DRINKING, SA, a company directed to all kinds of people who want to make your event the most memorable and best of all, without much effort.

DRINKING, is responsible for making your event, the dream, since its founder has over 17 years experience in the market, we specialize in the service of movable bars, also have qualified and well ahead of the latest cocktails.

Guillermo Rivera, with over 17 years experience as Bartenders in Yesterday, Spot Karaoke Bar and TGI FRIDAYS, was also bartending instructor at the prestigious University of Ganexa Arts, creator of cocktails Monin brand to Panama and mixologist mansions decanters.

Argentine Institute certificate as Cocktail mixologist, (only with the national and international endorsement of IBA) as Sommelier graduate of the International School of Mendoza in the Falkland Islands.

PANAMA first mixologist, entering international markets competitive with the latest in modern mixology trend, combined with chemical and food items, allowing the creation of unpublished cocktails with new textures, flavors and presentations.

Drinking, S.A. guarantee their service excellence, responsibility, creativity in creating cocktails for each event, details glamor and good taste in the preparation of their cocktails. Some of our major clients for which we have held events: Global Bank, Multibank, Credicorp Bank, General Bank, Davivienda, LG Electronics, Samsung, Kenneth Cole, American Eagle, Columbia Tours, Q Group, Maketing Roots, BBM Panama, Panama Dogma , Publi 4 Top Line Events, BBDO, Soho Mall, Magic Dreams, International Red Cross, Panamotor, Deliciosuras, Mapiex, Le Gourmet, Physical models, Medcom, TVN-Channel 2, Digicel, Rocco Production, Felipe Motta Wine Store, The Winery, Varela Hermanos, among others.